Friday, 5 June 2009

Week 1 Taper – Ben Starav

Last Week: 23 miles; 6700 feet; 10:01:03 (13 miles walked)

Last Saturday was our last day in Scotland and we might have made this a run but our legs had about had enough we so we accepted the inevitable and enjoyed a walk over some big hills in the sunshine. My legs were still tired on Tuesday morning and better on Wednesday but I am sure I don’t “need the miles” now and so decided that was enough for the week.

The time spent not running has been split between trying to get the garden back in some sort of order and finalising support of the 13th. I think the latter is about done while the former is simply an aspiration. I have had a blocked nose most of the week brought on, I hope, by some very dusty work in the garden rather than by a cold.

Next week I’ll have short outings in between fretting about the weather for the 13th. Worryingly it doesn’t look good. This period of sunshine is about to finish – the first rain could arrive tonight – and the worst forecasts I have seen suggest rain all next week and through the weekend until the 15th or 16th. At this stage, these are only forecasts and will change between now and next Friday but there has been a certain consistency about them all this week.

I need very good, near perfect, conditions to have a chance of completing this in close to 24 hours and these is little point is going out in poor conditions and having to bail out part way round – I haven’t forgotten last August or John Fleetwood’s Marilyn attempt this summer. I will make a provisional decision based on Sunday’s forecasts and a final one on Thursday. In some respects, the decision may have been made by then because if it rains all week the ground is going to be soft and the rocks wet and slippery even if it is dry on Saturday but we shall see.

The mention of Ben Starav at the beginning was just an excuse to publish a few more pictures from last Saturday.

Ben Starav Glen Etive and Glen Coe Munros







Beinn nan Aighenen

Ben Starav







above Glen Kinglass

Just Us on Glas Beinn Mhor

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