Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Ed’s “Joss” – Job Done

23 May at four o’clock in the morning at Pooley Bridge with Ed Swift, brother John, Karl Taylor, Julie Laverock and, true to form, everyone is ready except Ed. An extra 7 minutes are needed to complete preparations, take photos and decide we won’t actually need head torches after all.  Ed's Blog contains photos and contributions from many of the people there on the day and gives a pretty good idea of what the day was like. It was a hard old day – I stayed with Ed from beginning to end and I know just how hard it was. Joss came out to meet us for the last leg and, with Pete Ferris, ensured Ed reached Greendale Bridge within his allowed 18 hours.

Ready for the Off (Ed is 2nd from left) Last Leg disappears into the clouds

With Ed, John and Karl ready to leave Pooley Bridge and many hours later, on Great End, looking at the last leg disappearing into the clouds. The end of the third leg and the start of the fourth leg enjoyed a very brief window of good weather – glimpses of blue sky between the low clouds – but it didn’t last and for much of the last leg the wind and rain accompanied us.

Job Done 


Ed's Joss   Glen Coe 01 005

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