Sunday, 14 June 2009

55at55 – Retired at Dunmail

After a promising start and arriving at Wasdale only 15 minutes behind schedule I suffered from a prolonged spell of nausea between Scafell and Bowfell when I was able to eat very little. After Bowfell I felt better and although I started eating again I still couldn’t touch my carb drinks and continued to lose time -  73 minutes down at Rossett Pike and 110 at Sergeant Man. By then, it was apparent I wasn’t eating and drinking my way out of the problem. I had hoped to be able to contain the deficit after Rossett Pike and reach Dunmail, perhaps 90 down, then eat well and rest ready for Leg 4 and when this wasn’t happening I concluded there was no real point in carrying on.

Thanks to all of you who got me as far as Dunmail, John & Iain on leg 1, Kath & Karl on Leg 2, Colin, Ali, Rhiannon and Duncan on Leg 3.

Thanks also to Rae, Steve and Andy who were ready for legs 4 and 5. Paul I am pleased we were able to contact you before you left home.

Special thanks to Pauline & Nicole who bore the brunt of the road support and thanks to Ed & Ray who helped them.

This was the last roll of this particular dice and all that remains is to wish Iain & Karl every success with their BG attempts on June 27th and to wish Duncan exactly the same for his 50at50 on July 10th.

Thanks again



Anthony said...

Sorry to hear that Iain. Was thinking about you out there and rooting for you last night.

Gina Harris said...

Beautiful pictures! Sorry you couldn't complete the run, but you are still the most awesome distance runner!


Iain said...


I'm gutted for you. I turned my phone on on the sunday morning expecting news from my mate Steve to say the obvious. Because you have put in so much for this.

Setting off from Keswick with you and John, i felt in the company of great long distance fell runners, and talking to you about all these extended rounds fires the imagination of what is possible. Enjoyed every minute of running on the hills with you, i hope it's not the last either.


Stuart said...

How disappointing, still as Francis Bacon said; There is no comparison between that which is lost by not succeeding and that which is lost by not trying! And no one can accuse you of not trying!

Book a plane ticket and come and do some of the races out here...looking at your photos you'll crush them!

Nick said...

Sorry you had to retire, Ian. It was an immense challenge. Could the heat have got to you? I certainly found it hot on Three Rings Of Shap on Saturday.