Wednesday, 17 June 2009

55at55 – Reflections

Disappointed and frustrated; third failure and yet another winter’s training wasted on an incomplete round – I think that is how I expected to feel when I recovered from the exhaustion of Saturday. I do feel disappointed and frustrated that this seems to be beyond me because I can’t seem to get my food and drink right. After last year’s attempts I went back to basics, made changes to avoid particular food/drink combinations and I thought it was sorted but Saturday proved otherwise.

During Monday I began to realise, or remember, the result isn’t everything and as with each previous year I have been able to enjoy long days in the hills with a wonderful group of people. Days in snow on Helvellyn and Kentmere. Glen Etive in sunshine and, of course, the perfect day in April for my “Joss” when Pauline was able to leave the road support and join me for the last leg. The three legs on Saturday should be included because although the weather was a bit mixed the company wasn’t – it was first class, as usual.

It is very humbling when so many people put themselves out to provide support on a day like Saturday and when they go on to say what a pleasure it was to be involved in and contribute to the adventure I am simply overwhelmed. I am privileged to have met and spent time with all of you and to have shared the unique camaraderie forged on the fells from the High Peak Marathon in February to last Saturday – I offer my most sincere thanks to all of you for Saturday, for all the Saturday and Sunday outings that went before and for all the encouragement, support and enthusiasm from the very beginning.

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