Tuesday, 30 June 2009

55at55 - The Future

This blog was always intended to be a “single issue” blog like my previous  Bob Graham Round one  although along the way it included a number of other “issues” – surviving the High Peak Marathon which I would be happy to have attempt again, a disappointing Fellsman which we will both do again next year, Ed Swift’s “Joss” in May and, of course, my own “Joss” on that perfect day in April. There were other things too and the blog may have been too much of a training diary although I am not entirely sure. The discipline of a weekly update, as long as I wasn’t injured, was never a problem except that it more or less precludes anything else and there seemed little time for reflection or more considered pieces. I hadn’t seen this as a problem until I started to follow Rhiannon George’s blog and realised what else might be possible.

I don’t know if I can combine frequent updates interspersed with more considered pieces but I am going to try to and also to reduce, a little, the “training diary” approach. Over the last few months, in particular, the question “Why do I run?” has kept appearing. Each time, I tried to answer it and, despite the changing circumstances, the reasons remained pretty consistent. The fundamental reason hasn’t changed and as Pauline said when we started; it is all about greed – you can visit more hills in a day if you run. So I don’t train to race and, indeed, I race very little. I do train to enjoy long days in the hills and so I started another blog “Just Us and a Few Friends” to remind us where we were and what we were doing. Please have a look and if you like it, please become a Follower.

Thanks for reading and following this blog because it is with no little sadness that I write the last paragraph of the final post. This has been a longer journey than I anticipated when I set out but it has been a richer, more rewarding one, despite the failure, than I could have imagined. Just Us and a Few Friends may show a change in emphasis and our friends may be more than just a few now but our love of the fells remains undiminished and I look forward to sharing it.



Stuart said...

Well in this instance I would agree with Gordon Gecko...Greed is Good!

Looking forward to the next iteration

kate said...

i'll see you over there! looking forward to reading about your long days out in the hills :)

Ian Charters said...

Thanks Kate. It was good to meet you on Saturday - it is a slightly odd feeing meeting people in the real whom you have only known on the web. I met Iain that way too and I am glad I have met you both, for real.

Nick said...

I've just added this to my "follow" list. Keep on running. I know you're one of those 'speed merchants' at heart and I look forward to your updates.