Thursday, 11 June 2009

55 at 55 attempt is on

Earlier in the week I decided to wait until Thursday before making a final decision having already reconciled myself to the possibility of very poor weather, so poor that cancellation would be the only serious option. The forecasts are not perfect and it looks as though, while ground might not be too soft, the rocks aren’t going to be dry. Sitting here looking out at near perfect conditions I am contemplating the very low temperatures forecast for Saturday night wondering if snow on Helvellyn on two consecutive June Saturday nights is possible.

I have had a very easy week running only once and fewer than 5 miles then, on Tuesday morning. My cold has forced a more sever taper than I planned but now I think I will benefit from the extra rest.

Richard Scott’s bad knee was fine at the LAMM last weekend but, ironically, he injured his good one and so he is unable to join us. Iain Kelly had an outbreak of common sense and decided one leg would be sufficient a fortnight before his own BG attempt – he did pick a longish one, though. Apart from that, as I write, the support teams are as shown below.

There is plenty to do between now and 08:00 on Saturday and although I am looking forward to the day, these last few days are amongst the most difficult. On Monday I felt fairly fraught about it all but then relaxed on Tuesday and yesterday. Now the decision is taken I can feel the tension mounting again but I just need to remember the hard work is all done. I am fit enough to enjoy rather than endure the day and that is what I plan to do.


kate said...

hope the weather holds, all the best :)

Nick said...

Best of luck Ian. The weather doesn't look too bad for the weekend. I'll be thinking of you as I do Three Rings Of Shap on Saturday.

Ian Charters said...

Thanks Kath, Nick. I am looking forward to it - a good long day in the hills with friends :)