Friday, 1 May 2009

Back to Winter Hill

Last week: 74.8 miles; 8409 feet; 12:38:10

After last week’s Lakeland adventures it is back to the West Pennine Moors and Winter Hill. I knew I would need a few more days to get the climbing out of my legs and I hoped I would be able to lift my mileage without too much trouble. Saturday’s 21 miles and 4000 feet weren’t too bad but I would have struggled in the Lakes with more sustained climbing. On Sunday I just had a run up Winter Hill from the house and met Ed Swift at the Two Lads. Ed is approaching the end of his “Joss” training with an attempt scheduled for the end of May and we will both be out helping him. Normal Monday to Thursday including a hill session last night that took everything I had left in my legs.

2009-04-26_Rivington_ 004 2009-04-26_Rivington_ 003

From the Two Lads looking South West and North West respectively

On Sunday, although bright and sunny it wasn’t as clear as I had hoped – looking south west it is possible to see ships on the Mersey and the mountains of Snowdonia and to the north west it should be possible to pick out individual Lakeland fells but not today.

Next Week: Lakes on Saturday with Colin & Albert so it will be hard day. I am less sure about the rest of the week. Pauline and I are doing The Fellsman the following weekend and I ought to have a relatively easy week in preparation. I think I have recovered from my “Joss” and tomorrow will tell, for real.

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