Friday, 10 April 2009

Taper – 1st Week

It isn’t quite over and there will an update on the Calder Vale 10 road race which is described as the best “tough” race this month. Dominic Walsh is quoted, “I was amazed at how there came to be  more uphill stretches than downhills, especially as as the downhills weren’t even steep” – aren’t road runners sweet? Certainly not a PB course; it is good testing hilly route but more of that later.

The Cumbrian Traverse might not be everyone’s idea of tapering but I had to start somewhere and the alternative was a 60 mile crossing of the Lake District with the Rucksack Club which makes it seem almost sensible. I have had a couple early morning runs and two days complete rest so I am looking forward to Calder Vale and a 50 mile week.

Next week will be really short, probably one day in the Dales on Sunday with Pauline (who has a pretty tough weekend – CV 10 today, usual Sat 14-46 and then the Dales on Sunday but I am just jealous) after a rest day tomorrow and then just a couple of mornings.

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