Thursday, 9 April 2009

Joss Naylor Traverse 18th April – Support Teams

Injuries forced a couple of last minute changes and there is still time for more but the support teams are as shown below. Special thanks and due to Duncan Richards who stepped in yesterday when a second runner on the Dunmail-Sty Head leg declared an injury. Originally Adrian Hope and Paul Murray were helping on this leg but both are injured. My wife, Pauline, will, as always, manage the Road Support with help all day from Keith. Ed, Nicole and John are going to help later in the day when there are, or may be, more cars to move. The last minute changes mean the final logistics are still to be settled.


Road Support:


Keith Foster

Additional Help: John Coope Ed Swift Nicole Kirkham

Pooley Bridge to Kirkstone Pass:

Phil Dewhurst

Gary Murray


Kirkstone Pass to Dunmail Raise:

Gary Murray

Dave Bateson


Dunmail Raise to Sty Head:

Karl Taylor

Duncan Richards


Sty Head to Greendale Bridge:

Bill Williamson

Rachel Metcalfe

Karl Taylor


My schedule is further below ( so if you are on the hills on the 18th look out for us.

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