Monday, 27 April 2009

Joss Naylor Recovery

Last Week: 71 miles; 18350 feet; 18:23:43 (6 miles; 17:18 on bike trainer)

The bike trainer was an unsuccessful attempt at loosening my legs on Sunday 19th. It warmed up my legs but did little help them. A Sports Massage, a gentle Sports Massage, on Monday helped quite a lot and I managed out for an early run on Tuesday. Managed a bit more on Wednesday and Thursday and was very glad of a rest day on Friday. Previous experience suggests it will be the climbing that needs recovering from the most. By Friday morning only my right calf hadn’t recovered – it is still a little tight, not painful but I am aware of it.

Next Week: Less climbing but keep the miles at 70+. Back to Winter Hill on Saturday and then something fairly easy – flattish 10 miles on Sunday followed by a normal week.

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