Thursday, 16 April 2009

Joss Naylor Challenge – final preparations

Near daily changes to the support teams and car logistics are drawing to a close, I hope. The changes are shown below – Karl is coming all the way from Pooley Bridge to Greendale Bridge for good "Bob Graham” training day. I am looking forward to meeting Duncan and ‘newest recruit’ Rhiannon at Dunmail. It will be good to see Dave Bateson and Bill Williamson – I haven’t seen them since last August’s 55at55 attempt – as well as Karl and Rachel whom I haven’t seen for a good while.

Car logistics seem to have been particularly difficult but they all seem sorted now. Thanks, in particular, to Ed Swift and Dave Bateson getting a spare set of keys sorted last night. Two more rest days and then I can run again! Since Friday’s race I have done 20 minutes on my turbo trainer on Saturday, 10 mile near flat run on Sunday followed by 15 miles on my mountain bike, 11 miles on my road bike on Monday and finally a gentle 4 mile run on Tuesday morning.

The weather forecast is still improving and is beginning to look pretty good for Saturday – I hope it stays that way because I have enough experience of the difference bad weather can make. This will be the first attempt of 2009 and I hope it goes as well as the first attempt of 2008 when we were privileged to help John Swift reach Greendale Bridge not only ahead of his schedule but in time for a cup of tea with Joss and Mary afterwards.

Thanks to everyone who helped and cajoled me through the winter’s training. At times it can seem like a long slog but days on Kentmere, both with Pauline & Colin, reminded me how good even the slog can be. Club mates at Horwich RMI and friends in The Rucksack Club provided constant encouragement and Pauline, most of all, provided never ending support.

There could be a lot of runners on the last leg and Pauline, having managed the Road Support all day, should be able to join me on it. Other runners have called and emailed to say they are going will try to meet me part way round to say hello and help me enjoy the day. I hope we all have a grand day out in the hills because this, to me, is fell running at its very best.


Iain said...


I've just been reading your blog. I see you're doing the JNC this saturday. What time are you departing Pooley bridge and more importantly what time are you planning to be on your first peak- Arthur's Pike? I live just over yonder from Arthur's so if you wouldn't mind, i'd can meet you there and run with you for some of your journey.

Hopefully you'll get this message before saturday.



Ian Charters said...

Leaving Pooley Bridge at 05:00

Schedule here

Iain said...

I'll be on the summit of Arthur's from around 0520 onwards, just in case. I'll probably run as far as Seat Sandal with you before heading back to Patterdale and the bus home. Hope you don't mind me tagging along.

Cheers Iain

kate said...

hope you have a successful run about the fells! enjoy the day, you've certainly put in the effort, look forward to reading about it.

Ian Charters said...

Thanks Kate

I am looking forward to it, somewhat nervously at this stage.

Stuart said...

I'll send you over some of our weather, we're forecast highs in the 80's on Saturday!

Iain said...

Hi Ian

Congratulations on the JNC.

Did you meet up with Joss in the end?

Here's the link to the photos,