Friday, 3 April 2009

Cold Windy Saturday – Bright Sunny Sunday

Last Week: 71 miles; 10250 feet; 13:03:29

Third consecutive week over 70 miles averaging over 10,000 feet each week which I am pleased with. Legs are tired but niggle free although both feet have very slight niggles that are actually better than they were two weeks ago. Didn’t ever think I would miss track sessions on Tuesdays but I do. However the extra miles and more significantly the extra climbing the run up Winter Hill provides is more valuable at this time of year. Three years ago I did both, running morning and night Monday to Thursday but that isn’t a year on year training regime. Keeping Monday and Wednesday evenings for other things is working well.

Saturday’s run was unusual, almost unique because I have, very occasionally, done long road runs on a Saturday when the weather was bad. Halfway through my early road run I turned into Georges Lane and a strong cold head wind. Realising it would be worse, much worse, on the top of Winter Hill I started wondering about the wisdom of another wind battered session. Some quick sums showed 5 laps of these road loops would amount to 21.5 miles and 4000 feet of climbing. I wouldn’t avoid the wind altogether but I would miss the worst of it. I would only need to carry a car key and stop for a drink at the end of every lap and a bit when I wanted it. Just need to get my head round 5 laps all on the road but that wasn’t too difficult and it provided some interesting splits - 41:12, 41:05, 41:11, 41:28 and 43:31. Wheels fell off on the last one, maybe not enough food or perhaps simply weariness. This may be worth trying again as ran faster than I would have off road and my legs felt worse than they usually do.

On Sunday Pauline and I went to Kentmere for a clock-wise run round the Horseshoe in beautiful conditions. The wind hadn’t gone away and it was particularly unpleasant in Harter Fell but couldn’t spoil another wonderful day on these fells.

2009-03-29_Kentmere_ 011  2009-03-29_Kentmere_ 015

Last Night’s Ice and Thornthwaite Beacon without any visitors

2009-03-29_Kentmere_ 013Head of Kentmere valley

Next Week: Cumbrian Traverse

With Pauline, Keith Foster (who we met when Colin and I went round Kentmere) and Gary Murray both of whom are helping on my Joss Naylor attempt in a couple of weeks time for an attempt on this 35 mile 12,000 feet crossing of the Lake District from Broughton Mills in the south to Keswick in the north. It has been done once already this year, in the fastest time ever of just over 10 and a half hours but our pace will be somewhat more sedate. This will be a self-supported attempt which means although we can collect water on the way we will have to carry all our food – having packed it last night I know how heavy 13-14 hours worth of food is. It should be a good long day in the hills and the weather forecast doesn’t look too bad and it suggests the day will improve as it goes on rather than the other way round. More details here I suspect Sunday will be a quiet day.

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Anonymous said...

everytime i read your blog posts and see the breath-taking photos, i am taken aback at the conditions and the landscape of where you run. to me the terrain looks so foreboding and formidable that i'm not sure i'd have the guts to do a fraction of what you do - not to mention 71 miles.