Thursday, 5 March 2009

Week of 28th February

Last Week: 50.7 miles; 7600 feet; 10:52:25

This is going to end up being an odd week. Starts off fine, steady 17 miles over Winter Hill on Saturday morning. Ground is very soft and I am trying to get rid of a bit of a cold so I am not concerned, too much, about my pace. Legs feel OK almost all of the way round and I am climbing OK. By the end my chest is a bit tight but otherwise I seem fine and am happy about another 19 or so miles in the Lakes on Sunday. Sunday’s run went well, some parts of the route (Joss Naylor Challenge, start of leg 1) I needed to reminded myself of – like getting out of the caravan park! The weather wasn’t conducive to a fast run, soft ground and a second consecutive long run all suggested “steady” was required. This also provided an opportunity for Pauline to practise some route finding and compass work. Navigation isn’t, yet, for her hill skills but a training course at the end of the summer is going to rectify that.

Not needing many more miles this week I went out on Tuesday morning and then to the track session on Tuesday night to complete my running week. Monday, Wednesday and today all seemed odd. Fit and healthy but not running. I find more than one rest day a week a bit unsettling and I don’t really like tapering before long runs but it has to be done. The reason it has to be done this week is Friday’s High Peak Marathon ( Having been a member the HRMI Vets team that didn’t get a place because the race is oversubscribed I couldn’t avoid a place in the Rucksack Club “Youngsters” team. A further vacancy means Albert Sunter joins us. The 40 mile overnight race starts on Friday night and so is part of this week’s running – not training because I don’t think Andy Howie (team organiser) sees this a training run;I think seeing  a race as a training session for the next race isn’t part of his philosophy.

The weather looks as though it just might be cold enough and with fresh snow last night conditions might just be good enough to make it enjoyable but I will let you know either way.

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Donkarlo said...

Hi Ian,

I have also had two days rest this week, was feverish on Monday night and laid up in bed sweating profusely. Felt better Tuesday but decided to take it easy for a couple of days just to make sure I had recovered, read more on blog tommorow. Enjoy the HPM looks like a great event, my team the "BG Hopefuls" didn't get in unfortunately. Have fun !!