Monday, 16 March 2009

Montrail Highlanders 23 Mar 08 – 14 Mar 09

Saturday was the final run in my first pair of Montrail Highlanders (Orange & Grey model (2008?)). With 538 miles on the studs they have done pretty well. Comfortable straight from the box with a high toe rand for good protection I have enjoyed running in them from the first day, Easter Sunday on a short run over Winter Hill with Pauline. By last Saturday the studs were worn flat on the toes and heels of both shoes – making steep descents more entertaining than necessary – and the rest of the studs were reduced to about a third of their original length. The rand on the left shoe had been punctured are ripped a while ago and finally the midsoles seem to be nearly completely collapsed so that it felt like I was running in bare feet. Finishing Saturday’s 21 miles with sore feet convinced me there were no more miles left in the shoes.

I have another pair of the 2008 model ready to replace them and I’ll buy another pair at the first opportunity – they may be a little heavy for a racing shoe and they may not be as aggressive as a ‘true fell shoe’ but they are fantastic training shoes.

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