Friday, 27 March 2009

Joss Naylor Lakeland Challenge

This is a 48 mile run with 17000 feet of climbing against the clock for the over 50s. Fortunately we don’t all have to run against the same clock. Over 50 year old men have 12 hours (very demanding), over 50 year old women have 14 hours; over 55 year old men have 15 hours, over 55 year old women have 16 hours; Over 60 year old men and women have 18 hours; over 65 year old men and women have 24 hours. There are age group records but the spirit of the challenge is to complete it within the allowed time rather to race against these records. The inaugural run, by Joss Naylor MBE, was in 1990 when, in very bad weather with heavy rain and a strong SW wind, he completed the run to Greendale Bridge, Wasdale in 11 hours and 30 minutes, aged 54.

I was probably 53 before I started think about this and then, as now, doubted I could complete it within 12 hours. Last year I preferred to attempt the “55at55” and since my birthday isn’t until June I couldn’t attempt a 15 hour Joss early in the summer.

Given good weather, as always, this should be great day out and although slightly nervous I am looking forward to it. Support teams are sorted and I’ll post details shortly – there is a requirement to be accompanied, for safety reasons, at every summit and verified timings are to be submitted with each claimed completion. There is also a requirement to raise at least £100 for your own preferred charity and in my case the beneficiary is Alzheimer’s Research Trust.

My schedule is below and if you are around come and say hello.

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