Friday, 13 March 2009

High Peak Marathon recovery

Last Week: 31.2 miles; 1900 feet; 4:45:54. Ave of last 2 weeks: 62.0 miles; 8500 feet; 08:42:38

Pretty quiet week with 3 short sessions on Sunday afternoon and Monday evening before the track on Tuesday night. Usually I run there and back to squeeze in a few more miles but I accepted a lift from Pauline and then used the first few reps as a warm up. By the end my legs were tired but I felt better than expected suggesting the short recovery runs were worthwhile. Wednesday and Thursday mornings were pretty good and I should probably have stopped then. Last night’s hill session would have hard anyway but by the last few hundred metres I had nothing left to run with, I would probably have quicker walking the final stages.



Last Saturday morning approaching the final stages

Photo is courtesy of “ndhphoto” and he has others here

Others here, on the Dark Peak website


Next Week:

Looks like more peat bogs with a return to the more familiar ones on Winter Hill on Saturday. On Sunday we are going to the dales for a recce from near Fleet Moss to Cray. The last time we did The Fellsman in 2005 we got this section a bit wrong. No errors, as such, but a check point had been relocated and hadn’t time to recce the new route so we followed the one we knew, longer and slower.

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