Friday, 6 February 2009

Winter Hill at the end of January

Last Week: 67.4 miles (10 walked), 6600 feet, 13:14:04

Long run over Winter Hill on Saturday morning, intending to run round the “Four Peaks” (Healey Nab, Great Hill, the Pike and Winter – this is a charity walk that takes place in the summer starting near Healey Nab) the strength, temperature and direction of the wind in Horwich persuaded me to reverse the order. Good call. With the wind behind me over Winter Hill and Spitlers Edge it was so much more pleasant than it would have been in the other direction – Denis and I know, having done into an icy wind the last time. Leaving Great Hill I wondered about the best way on to Healey Nab, Coope’s Dozen doesn’t “require” White Coppice but I was too far down the hill to think about going straight to the Waterman’s Cottage so I would go to White Coppice. I decided on a an unfamiliar path and saw the deer which was wonderful. I followed Albert’s route off Healey Nab which should help for this year’s Coope’s Dozen and made my way back to Horwich, pleased with the 19 miles.2009-01-31_Winter_Hill_ 007

Sunday was an easy day. 10 mile walk with Westmorland & North Lancs LDWA group before our last Xmas Lunch of the season. Four early morning runs, a good track session (16 x 300 reps – 300 metres is my second favourite distance. 70 miles is my favourite and I have trouble with everything in between) and a hard Hill Session last night to finish – there are no easy ones but the short intense sessions are the hardest. Have now added Single Leg dip reps a couple on nights a week to strengthen my quads and generally just increase the pain and, hopefully, the gain.

2009-01-31_Winter_Hill_ 008

The contrasting clouds in the two photos taken from almost the same place was interesting – the exposure range on the lower one was probably just too much for the camera as the sky is beginning to burn out. The sky was almost metallic and becoming threatening when just to left, above Winter Hill there were only very high clouds and blue sky beyond.

Next Week

Sunday is the Winter Hill fell race on the 1 in 7 years when it takes place on a different weekend to the Anglezark Amble. I have been hoping for much more snow so that it covered the old icy snow here and on the Lakeland summits. This hasn’t happened and it doesn’t look as though it will which jeopardise Saturday’s run in the Lakes – now looking like a last minute decision. One year I will prepare properly for the Winter Hill FR, I think.

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