Saturday, 7 February 2009

Kentmere Horseshoe in winter conditions

Most of Thursday’s snow had been blown away by the wind leaving old, compacted snow and plenty of ice. The descent into Nan Bield pass was treacherous and made more difficult by spindrift blown by a ferocious freezing wind – probably the only place where the wind hit forecast strength, fortunately.

Elsewhere Colin and I encountered near white-out conditions, only briefly but long enough for us to miss a turning on High Street. Another fantastic winter day out and the first time I have run carrying an ice-axe. Perhaps not ideal preparation for tomorrow’s race but days like this are too good, and rare, to miss.

(All the pictures should open full-size in a new window on clicking)

 2009-02-07_Kentmere_ 001 

Colin just below Shipman Knotts and the views up Kentmere valley(Above)

2009-02-07_Kentmere_ 0022009-02-07_Kentmere_ 006






Kentmere Valley (left) and view back over Kentmere Pike and my axe on its first outing of the year


2009-02-07_Kentmere_ 0162009-02-07_Kentmere_ 017






Kentmere reservoir and me at the south end of High Street in black so that Colin could see me

2009-02-07_Kentmere_ 025

Kentmere reservoir from the other side if the horseshoe

2009-02-07_Kentmere_ 014_01

Finally, my mate whom we met on the way up Kentmere Pike much our (and his) surprise

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kate said...

just came across your blog via jumbly. fell shoes an ice axe excellent combo ;) look forward to reading your 50@50 progress