Friday, 27 February 2009

Easy Week With a Winter Walk

Last Week: 56.2 miles (15.4 walked); 8350 feet; 13:39:06

The previous two weeks were hard, especially the last one and it a few days to recover from the Amble so I decided an easy week was due, probably overdue. We were attending the Rucksack Club meet at High Moss in the Duddon valley and so rather than “chasing miles” then or the rest of the week I was quite happy to enjoy the walk over part of the Duddon Valley fell race route and follow it with a sort run on Sunday morning. My mate, Keith, (the Kentmere one) brought a cold with him to the meet and I didn’t come home empty handed!

2009-02-21_High_Moss_ 003

In Upper Eskdale


Monday’s sore throat developed nicely through the week and I hope it peaked yesterday. Dry cough, streaming nose, what joy. Tuesday’s track session felt pretty good and I thought last last night’s hill session would be too much so I had a gentle road run that confirmed my chest is too tight for anything strenuous.


2009-02-21_High_Moss_ 010

Below Seathwaite Tarn

Next Week:

Initial plans to go the Lakes on Saturday have fallen through but the state of my cold it is no bad thing. I’ll have a gentle outing on Winter Hill and then Pauline and I are going to Pooley Bridge on Sunday to have a look at the start of the “Joss Naylor” route. It is not new to me; I have done it several times and once in the dark but I could still miss the first summit (Arthur’s Pike) in the dark of an April morning.

With the High Peak Marathon (, a “marathon” in the sense of a mountain marathon rather than the 26.2 version, a week tonight the rest of the week is going to involve a bit of resting towards the back end. We are team 25, the “Rucksack Youngsters” and are off at 23:22, Friday night.


Anthony said...

Good luck in the High Peaks Marathon! Currently 0 for 2 with that race. The only race I have never finished and this year I have not even managed the start line due to injury.

A great experience though, although I always finding that describing the experience never makes it sounds quite as great.

Hope the mild weather keeps for you (and my team minus me) and that we don't get much rain feeding the bogs.

Ian Charters said...

Thanks Anthony

The sentiments in your second paragraph are hauntingly familiar - all the other HPM experiences I have had shared didn't sound great either. Many people go back and do it again but others make alternative arrangements!

I am looking forward to it with not inconsiderable trepidation.

Anonymous said...

I say this everytime, but its true. You live in a beautiful part of the world. Your descriptions transport me. Thanks for sharing.

Ian Charters said...

We are fortunate to live near a special part of England. We are fortunate to be able to enjoy it, whatever the weather. I share it in the hope others will enjoy it too - the hills will be here long after we are and they should be enjoyed then as now.