Friday, 20 February 2009

Anglezark Amble Aftermath

Last Week: 55.0 miles; 4550 feet; 08:59:41

Apologies for the title, I couldn’t resist the alliteration. As you probably surmised from my account of the Amble I didn’t catch Albert but neither did I get caught by the chasing runners. I think the pair (having enjoyed their tea at Slipper Lowe) caught the Preston Harrier and may even have caught him by White Coppice, the last check point. I managed a PB by a few minutes, my sub 4 hour target and my best place but Albert & I weren’t the only ones from HRMI there. My wife, Pauline, and Nicole were the next RMI Harriers to finish in 4:58 for their second consecutive sub 5, Ray Stafford next in 5:06 with John Swift (Chorley) not far behind. Brother Ed SWift and Richard Longlands also finished as did Lola Smal (FV75)who completed the short (16 mile) route in 4:48.

We had a few beers and kettle crisps to celebrate (the High Life, eh!) and I managed a pretty slow 4.5 miles through Borsden Woods on Sunday. That was enough to make me decide to miss Monday’s morning run and try to revert to a normal week from Tuesday. About half way through Tuesday’s track session I felt like I was on my second pyramid. The rest of the week was a bit of a struggle and missed the Hill Session on Thursday because my legs had done enough – a final 5.5 on the road gave me exactly 55 miles for the week, one for each of my years and that was too good to miss.

That was my 9th consecutive week of over 53 miles, with only 1 less than 55 miles and had it not been for a cold in December it would have been my 12th consecutive 50+ week. I think an easier week is due or perhaps overdue. The last two weekends have shown, albeit with good conditions underfoot, my winter training is working and having avoided injury I am in better shape now than this time last year. I need to start increasing the miles, adding more climbing and getting out on Sundays with Pauline to have a look at the routes for this summer. I hope the weather will let us.

Next Week:

Rucksack Club meet at High Moss for a long “winter walk” on Saturday and if the weather holds we should get a short steep run on Sunday morning before coming home. The walk should provide plenty of climbing and walking rather than running should refresh my legs.

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