Friday, 16 January 2009

Wet, windy weekend in Glasgow

Last Week: 56.5 miles, 3030 feet, 8:35:52

After the ‘party’ on Winter Hill summit we went to Glasgow to celebrate my Dad’s 83rd birthday with him. The forecast was poor and before we arrived at the outskirts of the city we reached the strong winds and heavy rain. Conditions deteriorated and by Sunday morning were fairly unpleasant for running. I managed round the loop through Mearns Cross, Eaglesham and Waterfoot despite the near-horizontal rain coming off the moors around Eaglesham.

A couple of weeks ago, coming down Doddick Fell on Blencathra, I slipped and “sat down” rather heavily bruising some muscles (I think) in the process. During the week immediately afterwards they were a little tight and didn’t seem too bad but this week they have bothered me much more. All week they have been slow to loosen up and at the track session on Tuesday they tightened up between each rep so that the ‘run’ home afterwards was a pretty slow plod, even by my own sedate standards. The two early morning sessions since were a bit uncomfortable but last night, rather than the hill session, I ran a short road session and everything felt much better so I am hoping everything is sorted. I needed an easier week after over 25,000 feet of climbing in the previous two – it is too early in the year for so much climbing!

Next Week

Despite the forecast we are going to the Lakes for the weekend at High Moss. The worst of the weather is due late Saturday afternoon and overnight when we will be safely ensconced in the Rucksack Club hut. Before then we will go and have a look at the start of the ‘Cumbrian Traverse’ with Keith. We are going to have a go at it later in the year but none of us are familiar with the start from Broughton. This could go badly because we are often blighted by bad weather with Keith, for instance, we (Keith, Pauline and myself) had to survive blizzards in April 2004 on our successful ‘Over The Hill’ completion. At the time this challenge was open only to the Over 50s and Pauline wasn’t old enough to join the ‘Over The Hill’ but she remains the first woman to complete the route.

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