Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Just One More Roll Of The Dice

Last August was pretty disappointing and sitting at Threkeld looking around at three support teams I was grateful to the Leg 4 people (Rae, Phil & Suzanne) for getting me there from Dunmail, grateful to Pauline and Keith (and Ed & Julie) for looking after me at road crossings all day and that Paul & Ros were still prepared to go on to Keswick, if I wanted to, was overwhelming. I wasn't confident of getting to Keswick and I really didn't want to blow up in the Back o' Skiddaw at 2 o'clock in the morning so really there wasn't any other sensible option.

I didn't race much for the rest of the year although Pauline and I did plenty of running and walking together and we began to formulate our plan for 2009. With fair weather and good preparation I think just one more roll of the dice is worthwhile. The year is filling up and, like last year, there are plenty of other long days out in our diary already including a  "Joss" or two, another BG to help on and some other things that are still only in the very early planning stages.

Winter training started after a bad day at Pendle when a 'turned ankle' resulted in a long, slow, painful jog back to the DNF Bucket to hand in my unused tags. Four times I have done the Tour and twice I have come away with injured - perhaps there is a lesson here? Things improved and a day on Helvellyn a couple of weeks ago with Colin Jones reminded us why running in winter is so good.

Few days out will be as quite as much fun as this was and thanks to Colin for both the photos and for a memorable,magical day in the hills.


Simon Anderson said...

What a glorious day out it look like you had!

If I can support your attempt I would be delighted to help.

Best wishes,


Ian Charters said...

Thanks Simon.

Keep in touch and I'll keep an eye on your blog and see how you are doing.

Merry Christmas