Friday, 15 August 2008

Last Full Week

Last Week
77 miles, 11745 ft, 14:45:50

Last weekend it seemed like Autumn had arrived early. 14 miles over Winter Hill with many of them in pouring rain and on Sunday in the Lakes the weather was even worse. Heavier rain and stronger winds. Descending Fairfield to Grizedale Tarn was unpleasant as the wind kept trying to blow me down into the tarn but a bit later, on the way back, there were two occasions re-ascending Fairfield when the wind was simply too strong to make any progress into. I had intended, having started just above White Moss CP, to go to Helvellyn (or perhaps the Lower Man) but when I reached Dollywagon Pike (from Seat Sandal) the wind was troublesome and again threatening to blow off my feet. Progress to Helvellyn wouldn't have been too bad but I was concerned about getting back when I would have to run into the wind which strengthening as the day went on. Back over Seat Sandal would provide enough climbing and so I turned on Dollywagon for the big descent to Greizdale Tarn. There were very few people out on the hills and it was eerie to cross Fairfield's summit twice and see no one, even allowing for the poor visibility in the clag. Two sessions a day for the rest of the week and I accumulated almost eighty miles for my last full week.

Next Week
Sedbergh Hills on Sunday for a last run out before a two week taper and I think it is the taper I like least. After getting used to this sort of mileage and two sessions a day it is unsettling not to be doing them both. I hope I will be able to finalise support arrangements next week - Leg Two is still a bit thin so if you might be able to help, please let me know or post a comment below.

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