Thursday, 28 August 2008

Final Taper

Last Week
15 miles, 950 ft run, 5 miles, 1100 ft walked

The 5 mile walk was a stroll up to Gaping Gill to the caving meet where, for a tenner each, you get dropped by bosun's chair into the cavern (the £10 includes the ascent too). Good waterproofs are recommended because it is cold wet experience and
much as we prefer the outsides of hills to their insides, this is really worth doing - worth every penny. Two meets a year, one at the end of May and the other at the end of August, open the cavern to mere mortals. Despite all the boundless enthusiasm of the cavers we managed to avoid the bug and won't be adding it to our outdoor activities.

Support Teams are sorted after being ravaged by illness and injuries and now just kit to be packed and butties to be made. Forecast looks fairly benign with just a little rain on Saturday afternoon. The cloud cover seems pretty complete and, at least, overnight will probably be lower than the tops. Wind could be strong enough to be a nuisance but probably not much more, I hope.

I feel more relaxed about this attempt than I did for all my previous attempts although tomorrow will change, I am sure.

Road Support: Pauline, Keith Foster, Julie Laverock, Ed Swift

Leg 1: Richard Scott, Richard Baker

Leg 2: Dave Bateson, Keith "Splinter"

Leg 3: Bill Williamson, Albert Sunter, Karl Taylor

Leg 4: Rae Pritchard, Suzanne Budgett, Philip Dewhurst

Leg 5; Paul Murray, Ros Murray

Thanks to you all and I am looking forward to seeing at different stages throughout Saturday.

There are, at least, 3 other (clockwise) "Bob Graham"s scheduled for this weekend and I wish you all the very best of luck.


Anthony Fryer said...

All the best for your round! Will look forward to reading all about it.

F S Shuffler said...

Thanks Anthony. I have been pretty relaxed about it apart from last minute changes to support arrangements until now. I am just beginning to worry a la little bit.