Friday, 4 July 2008

Food & Drink Sorted!

Last Week
72 miles, 9302 ft, 13:36:27

Last weekend's experiments with alternative food and drink were completely successful. By avoiding the combination of Go Bars and Maxim drink I consumed the required number of calories for a four hour session on Saturday and a 3 hour session on Sunday without any nausea and it was good to be back on Winter Hill for the first time in a while. I am sufficiently happy with these two days to start planning another attempt with confidence that a repeat of last month will be avoided. With no dates available in July I am considering some dates in mid and late August. The initial indications are that mid August is probably not going to work because of holidays and other commitments. The end of August is my least favourite - I would like to get it done earlier because the days are shorter, the bracken is higher and I have to stay injury-free for longer.

Next Week
Family birthdays preclude the possibility of my usual long fell run on Saturday morning so I'll be trying to squeeze in some extra miles every morning, aiming to finish the week with around, or a little short of 70. I hope also to be able to finalise the date of my second attempt so I can get on with making the required arrangements. The end of August seems a long way away but with holidays, our own and others', it will come soon enough.

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