Friday, 11 July 2008

Easy Week

Last Week
54 miles, 3929 ft, 08:03:55

Almost all on roads because family commitments last weekend precluded any long outings to any hills. My Dad has been down staying with us and we went down to my brother's at the weekend to celebrate a joint 18th/21st/50th 'birthday'. Back to the track on Tuesday and a Hill Session last night just to make sure it wasn't too easy a week.

Next Week
We are off to Barcelona for a few days then Braemar to bag some easterly Munros (and avoid midges, we hope) and back for Coope's Dozen, Borrowdale and a second attempt on August 30th. This is a bit of a mid-season break, a chance to rest and enjoy some Spanish sunshine and Scottish hills before a couple of weeks to complete the final preparations for another long day out. This break is really very welcome because it is a long stretch from mid-Winter to late August to stay injury-free and motivated. Retiring in June was the right decision and retiring early meant I didn't need long to recover physically. Now, having sorted my food and drink, I really just wanted to have another go immediately but it couldn't be arranged so to have a couple of weeks away from will mean I will come back refreshed and ready for the final countdown

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