Friday, 13 June 2008

Serious Rest Week

Last Week
33 miles, 7722 ft, 8:33:01

14 miles of the miles were in one session last Saturday when Pauline and I had a run round the last leg from Threlkeld and it was surprising to see how much the route has developed (clear runnable cairned paths) in the Back O'Skiddaw in just two years. I suppose other parts of the route "developed" in the same way but here there was almost nothing and now there is a path that will 'draw' people and wear even more quickly. Glimpses of an even bigger problem on more popular routes!

The rest of the week has involved doing very little and finishing last night with an hard hill session (what a change it makes starting a hill session with only 24 miles in my legs instead of the usual 64) other than finalising the support teams.

Next Week
Even Less - and some marshalling at the Horwich Tour

Support Teams

Road: Pauline, Keith Foster, Ed & John Swift

Leg 1: Brendan Bolland, Ali Murray, Phil Dewhurst

Leg 2: Rob Green, Chris Heys

Leg 3: Colin Jones, Albert Sunter, Karl Taylor

Leg 4: Rae Prichard, Suzanne Budgett

Leg 5: Paul Murray, Rachel Metcalfe, Christine Bland

Thanks to you all - I couldn't do it on my own and I hope we all have grand day out.

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