Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Even More Serious Rest Week

Last Week
13 miles, 510 ft, 01:44:33

Training done and resting now. Three complete rest days after 3 easy sessions for the week. The worst of the weather looks like it will pass through today and it should fair up for the weekend with a cold clear Friday night. Injuries may force another change or two in the support teams but apart from that just about all that is left to do is to get ready to enjoy the day.

Support Teams
More changes this week but I hope to know of the final changes tonight.

Road: Pauline, Keith Foster, Ed & John Swift

Leg 1: Brendan Bolland, Phil Dewhurst, Richard Scott

Leg 2: Rob Green, Chris Heys, Gary Murray

Leg 3: Colin Jones, Albert Sunter, Karl Taylor

Leg 4: Rae Prichard, Suzanne Budgett

Leg 5: Paul Murray, Rachel Metcalfe, Christine Bland

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