Friday, 6 June 2008

Duddon Valley Fell Race

Last Week
56 miles, 10439 ft, 11:05:05

The Duddon race went well. I finished 27 seconds slower than last year and that is easily accounted for by drink stops before Little Stand and Swirl How but more significantly I rested before last year's race and didn't this year. Climbing at a 'comfortable' pace my splits confirm I was generally slower ascending and quicker descending. Weather wasn't unkind after Harter Fell when cloud cover shielded us from an, otherwise, very warm sun. A short recce on Sunday of the Newlands Hause section of Leg 1 and a fairly gentle week with fewer miles than of late for the first of three weeks' taper. I am beginning to feel that the "hard work" is done and that the "harder work" now begins - it is easier to run than not but for the next two weeks not running will be the better option, in moderation, of course.

Next Week

Leg 5 recce on Saturday and then a serious increase in resting, aiming for around 30 miles and whatever climbing occurs.

Support Teams

I am struggling a bit for support on the Wasdale to Dunmail leg and so if you or anyone you know might be interested in helping and having a good day out, please post contact details as a comment and I'll get back to you immediately. Leg 4 starts at 08:20 from Wasdale and should finish at Dunmail at 14:47.

Road Support: Pauline, Keith Foster, Ed & John Swift

Leg 1: Brendan Bolland, Ali Murray, Phil Dewhurst

Leg 2: Rob Green, Chris Heys

Leg 3: Karl Taylor

Leg 4: Colin Jones, Albert Sunter, Rae Pritchard, Steve Barlow

Leg 5: Paul Murray, Rachel Metcalfe, Christine Bland

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