Friday, 27 June 2008

Back To Training

Last week
68 miles 13586 ft 14:33:58

With the disappointment of last weekend out of the way and a rest day on Sunday to recover the remainer of the week was pretty much as normal. Last night's heavy rain slowed the traffic so much I couldn't get to the hill session. I should have waited on it easing but I didn't and ended up running in the worst of it and even then didn't reach 70 miles!

Next week
Saturday's run over Winter Hill will be an experiment with different food to make sure I can eat/drink at the required rate with the nausea that scuppered last week's attempt. If the weather doesn't worsen we might go and have another look at the first half of the first leg, on Sunday, to try to improve the descent time. My Dad is staying with us for much of next week so all the miles will be before work.

Next Attempt
If Saturday's food/drink combination is OK then I'll start to find out who will be available for some dates in August and then start to get organised.

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