Sunday, 22 June 2008

20@55 - Saturday 21 June

Not quite what I had planned but by Wasdale having suffered with nausea for seven hours and having eaten less than half the calories I should have there was little point in prolonging the agony.

The first leg was a struggle by Sail, by Grasmoor I couldn't see how I could continue but I persuaded myself that it was 'just a bad spell' and it would pass. Still on schedule at Whiteless Pike but by Newlands Pass I was having doubts about reaching the next summit, Robinson. By eating nothing and drinking only water we reached Honister 18 minutes down but I felt much better. The sunrise from Hindscarth made it all worthwhile.

A steady start to the second leg and revived by an extended stop we made reasonable progress losing only 7 minutes to Wasdale. This was achieved by eating and drinking only about a quarter of what I needed in order to contain but not eliminate the nausea. While this was successful on this leg it couldn't succeed all the way back to Keswick and anyway I really didn't think I could face another six hours of it before reaching Dunmail.

Thanks to Brendan and Richard for Leg 1, Rob and Gary for Leg 2, Colin and Albert for travelling to Wasdale for Leg 3, Pauline and Keith for the overnight Road Support and to Ed and John for travelling to Wasdale to assist them.

Once I have sorted an alternative eating/drinking plan I'll have another go.


Pike said...

Commiserations Ian.

amex said...

Fss hard luck, i have been reading the blog over time, and by your words alone you can do it just re-group and start again, if it was easy a lot would have done it