Friday, 16 May 2008

Kentmere Horseshoe and a bit more

Last Week
71 miles, 10600 ft, 14:10:15

The Kentmere Horseshoe provides a great run and a great walk but there just isn't enough of it. Previously I am extended it by dropping into Mardale and ascending High Street via Rough Crag (the "connoisseurs' route" according to Wainwright) and a really extension it is but even this was far enough for another Saturday run with John Swift and Pauline. It isn't just that, even with the Rough Crag extension, the route is short, the route is also a bit short of climbing and since Winter Hill too is a bit short of climbing we go to the Lakes to get the climbing.

Fortunately the planning map suggested another extension after dropping into Mardale. Instead of taking the 'short cut' over Rough Crag, climbing out over Kidsty Pike and Rampsgill Head offered the possibility of dropping down to Hawes Water and another climb out over Gray Crag before Thornthwaite Crag and the traditional finish to the round over Froswick, Ill Bell and Yoke. On the day, last Saturday, even that proved not quite far enough and I had to pull the last 'ace from my sleeve' by way of an extension over Sour Howes and Sallows before finishing at Kentmere Church with 20 miles and 6800 feet of climbing done.

Sunday morning saw a rather sluggish ascent of Winter Hill via the Two Lads and The Pike before replanning on Tuesday after the M60 prevented me getting to the track session. Realising I could do a few more miles and reach 70 by Thursday morning I did just that to squeeze in another rest session (Thursday night) before the weekend.

Next Week

Paul Murray is attempting a long birthday walk/run - a 65 summit south west to north east traverse of the Lakes (a 65@65 or it would have been last year had the poor summer not wrecked training plans and "65@66" doesn't have the same ring or symmetry). I am fortunate enough to be supporting him, with Kath Brierley, on a long leg from Sty Head to Buttermere. Hence the extra rest session. It will be good to meet Kath, not least because we both left the Moot Hall at 08:00 on a June morning a couple of years ago and neither of us made it back within 24 hours. Kath went back a week or two before I did and returned to the Moot Hall within 24 hours but we have never met other than briefly, running through the market place in Keswick on that June morning.

Support Teams

Places are beginning fill up and I will probably publish the details next week but, in the meantime, thanks to all of you who have agreed to help. I think this week's sunshine is helping because I am beginning to look forward to June 21st.

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