Friday, 30 May 2008

John's "Joss" and more

Job Done

Last Week
71 Miles, 14287 ft, 19:21:57

John's journey began at Pooley Bridge 10 years ago and finished last Saturday in time to have a cup of tea with Joss and Mary. You can read more and see more photos at

Pauline (on Leg 4) and Rachel (on Leg 3) hadn't previously supported a challenge like this (on the fells) and both did admirably and thoroughly enjoyed the day. Fortunately we were blessed with good weather, not least, because this was the first time I had navigated a leg and while I was fairly happy about Leg 4 (although I remember being unable to find Scoat Fell on my first BG) there were a couple of bits on Leg 3 that would have been difficult in clag. Thanks to John for another grand day out.

Sunday was a bit of a struggle and on Monday we headed off to Whalley to have a flatish run to Blacko Tower and back. 7 miles into the wind was about enough and the paths past Bull Hole provided an easy way to cross the valley and return on the opposite ridge with the wind behind us. The remainder of the week was an increasing struggle and by about halfway through last night's hill session my legs were gone. Last week was the fourth week over 70 miles with an average climb of over 12500 feet so I am happy with that. Apart from a slight niggle on one shin which is probably just over-use I remain injury free and looking forward to next week, next month and the 21st.

Next Week

Duddon fell race on Saturday and a recce of the Newlands Hause section of the first leg. I want to see how much the bracken has developed since looking at this with Paul Murray in April and to have a close look at the climb out on to Robinson. With three weeks to go I am going to start reducing my mileage, target around 60 this week and back off much more the following week. If this goes to plan I will still have one or two long hard days at the weekends but do much less in between and finally do very little in the last week. It has been a long hard road to get here and with the start line almost in sight I feel very different to this time two years. I am not completely relaxed about the 21st June but I am looking forward to it although the logistics still need some attention. Two years ago the logistsics were all sorted but I was getting more and more worried about the whole thing and was a nervous wreck by the Moot Hall. Anyway, plenty to enjoy at Duddon tomorrow and Buttermere on Sunday.

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