Friday, 4 April 2008

Friday 4th April 2008

Last Week
58 miles, 12110 ft, 13:01:44
Third week with over 10,000 feet with starting with what turned out to be a hard weekend. 18 miles and just under 4000 feet (3991 feet - mustn't miss Noon Hill next time) and a further 7 miles and 4600 feet on Sunday. The weather is unpredictable that planning is almost impossible - we met Keith at Threlkeld on Sunday with a 'plan' to run back from Rydal but the clouds were so low and the rain so heavy we went to a pub for coffee. By 10:30 it was a bit better but we decided just to go to Dunmail and as soon as we got there the 'heavens opened' and we went to Windermere because Keith needed a new sleeping bag! By about 13:00 it was beginning to fair up a bit so we set off from Dunmail only to meet a runner descending Seat Sandal. He described conditions on Helvellyn as difficult and found it impossible to get beyond Little Man and having crossed Helvellyn twice in a white-out, he recommended we run towards the Langdales. The weather was improving and having climbed Seat Sandal we thought we could get to Dollywagon then back to Fairfield (now the clouds had lifted) and having reached there we dropped down into the valley below Seat Sandal and crossed it again on the way back to Dunlmail. With shredded quads we crossed the road back to car and slumped.

I hadn't recovered sufficiently to tackle a track session on Tuesday but I did manage another recovery run - one that worked, unlike Monday's. Wednesday's slog up New Chapel and Foxholes Road went OK and the week was finished (as my legs were) by a particularly fierce hill session last night - first off-road one of the year.

Next Week
Forecast looks good for Saturday and a not quite so good for Sunday but I hopeful of two days running in the Lakes, again looking for 10,000+ feet and about 60 miles. With three consecutive big climbing weeks in my legs I am beginning to feel as though some 'lost ground' is being made up. I don't think I need much mileage beyond my weekly 60 and if I can keep getting the climbing and remain injury free then I'll begin to feel a bit happier about my fitness than I have for some weeks.

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