Sunday, 9 March 2008

Saturday 8th March 2008

After last week's progress I was optimistic about a couple of runs on Winter Hill over the weekend - I didn't feel ready for a big run in the Lakes on Saturday and a family 18th birtday party on Saturday night meant an early start on Sunday seemed unlikely. The weather wasn't encouraging and the wind seemed vengeful - not strong enough to blow you over but cold and strength-sapping. My calf stood up to everything and my hamstrings seemed fine but my right abductor is still tight and uncomfortable. I met Ray (one of the runners I trained with for my 2006 BGR who occassionally features on Ed's Blog) just below the trig point and he cheered me up because I hadn't been enjoying it much until then. The morning turned into a long(ish) slow run that made begin to wonder about my fitness and doubt if there are enough weekends to get long days in the Lakes.

Part way through the very tedious Scotland v England rubgy match I saw the sky over Aspull clearing and decided to go and test my legs again. Just four miles on the road through Blackrod, just enough to realise that apart from my slight groin strain my legs were fine and showed no effects from this morning's run (that could be a measure of just how slow it was, of course). This was also an opportunity to think about my training plan and to remember that my target date in June could be delayed by a couple of months. I also concluded, after much pondering, that I should give next weekend's Hobble a miss. Not because I couldn't get round but because it might make my groin worse but more significantly, if I do the Hobble on the Saturday I won't do much on Sunday and I need days in the Lakes.

My training records show that at this stage in

2006 604 miles 78972 ft
2007 380 miles 30810 ft
2008 413 miles 32846 ft

I am still on schedule go get over 110,000 by mid-June in the weather allows so I think I need to start taking every opportunity, starting next weekend.

Yesterday morning
13.6 miles 2300 ft 02:58:20

If you have Google Earth you can have a look at the route (use 'Tools Play Tour' to fly along it). Otherwise the picture above will give you some idea of where I went.


t'Yorkshireman said...

Ian, Glad to see you are back to your usual low mileage self :-) but shame that I'll probably be the only one over at the Hobble. I'm not going to miss it this year, especially as I've just had my two yearly health screening which has revealed a weight-loss of over 4 kilos and associated improvements. Doubt if I'll get under 6 hours now that the 2 miles have been added back and certainly not near my pb run many years ago in the company of Geraldine but everything is currently going to plan to where I can do my big challenge next year. I presume that you will have gone to the presentation - I suspect this year will be the fist time I've not gone since moving to Horwich in 1990 but I don't want a late night and still have a final preparations for tomorrow. I'll try to do the vest proud tomorrow.

F S Shuffler said...

Have a good one Gordon. I'll miss the Hobble - I have grown to love it these last few years especially as it is the first long one of the year and as such marks Spring - even if the weather doesn't alway know.