Friday, 7 March 2008

Friday 7th March 2008

Last Week
45 miles, 3875 ft, 07:31:19
More difficult week than expected. Saturday was terrible - I didn't enjoy it at all and this was made worse because I had looked forward to it for so long and then it was made even worse because I didn't enjoy it at all. By lunchtime I was wondering if I would ever enjoy running again and when Pauline came home from her run over Winter Hill so full of joie de vivre I felt even worse. Sunday was much better and it was good to be out again. Monday was just a gentle leg stretch and a massage to try loosen my, still tight, hamstrings. A tentative, 'sensible' track session on Tuesday more or less confirmed that while my calf is still tight all but the very last traces of the strain have gone.

A number of people asked how my calf was and Gaynor asked "How was your first run, I bet you hated it?" and then said "You just wanted it to be over and know your calf was OK. It is always the same, the first one, it is terrible." I hadn't realised. This was the first time I had rested with an injury that I couldn't really feel getting better and that I wouldn't know if it was OK until I ran on it and as I ran on it every other muscle in the rest of my legs protested and tightened up. So thank you Gaynor, I felt so much better on Tuesday. Another gentle recovery run on Wednesday and then I warmed up, somewhat nervously, for last night's hill session. I reached the point where I needed to start pushing a little harder but, obviously, without doing any damage. Long reps on Chorley Road was the session and a good one because the incline varies the reps are long enough to be able to either pushing on or hold back. Starting gently and pushing a little harder on each one without every hitting 100% was the plan and it seemed to work. My best for the final rep is 5:03 and last night I managed 5:13 and my calf felt better for being pushed with only a very little residual tightness afterwards.

Next week
No targets again but a couple of runs over Winter Hill on Saturday and Sunday and if the improvement continues I'll be looking forward to the Haworth Hobble on the 15th.

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