Friday, 14 March 2008

Friday 14th March 2008

Last Week
45 miles, 4250 ft, 08:21:52
After Saturday just about anything was going to be better and easier and so it proved. On Sunday Pauline and I had an easy run over Winter Hill to Lead Mines Clough from Rivington (Google Earth Route) and that helped loosen, or gently stretch, my tight abductors and the weather was altogether better. Monday & Wednesday were just gentle recovery runs, each followed by assisted stretches to try to keep everything relaxed. Tuesday's track session was 300 m reps - one of my two favourite distances, the other being about 70 miles and it is only the distances in between I find difficult - in a pretty trying wind. My times were slow but nothing was too uncomfortable afterwards which is much more important. The M60 traffic prevented me getting to Horwich in time for the hill session and when I saw the rain, I wasn't too disappointed. Missing the session gave me an excuse to get out this morning before work and it was really good - what was left of the frost made it a little slippery under foot but it is good to watch the sky brightening and see the sun lighting up the fields - you could almost believe Spring is on the way.

Next Week
Saturday on Winter Hill and Sunday in the Lakes. Weather looks as though it might be too poor for a recce but good enough for a "Great Langdale Roller Coaster" - about 13 miles and 7000 feet over the Langdale Pikes, Bowfell and Pike O'Blisco returning to the valley floor in between each. This will be an attempt to hit 10,000 feet and exceed 60 miles for the week. With Easter next weekend we are doing the Caldervale 10 on Friday so I may rest Thursday because Easter weekend looks pretty demanding.

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