Thursday, 7 February 2008

Friday 8th February 2008 - Best-laid schemes ....

Kentmere Fells last Sunday morning

Last Week

47 miles, 4503 feet, 9:31:01 run
7 miles, 800 feet walked

"Gang aft agley" as Burns wrote. Starting with the snow on Friday night which prevented the walk leader from getting out of Todmorden and thus causing the cancellation of the Rucksack Club meet last Saturday. No matter as the news spread early enough to be able to get a 20 mile session over Winter Hill instead. All was well, well apart from the two and a half hours in snow and hail showers, until two miles from the end when my right calf tightened ominously. Not quite reduced to walking but the discomfort was enough to banish any plans for running on Sunday. The gentle stroll before lunch on Sunday was uncomfortable enough to confirm that not running was a good call.

The rest of the week was a series of gentle sessions each between 5 and 10 miles long, missing both the track and hills sessions on the grounds that they wouldn't be gentle. The calf improved during the week and it now feels as though it should be fine for the weekend. The easy week I planned turned out easy enough but not in the way I had intended.

Next Week
The main reason for taking an easy week and nursing the strained calf is, of course, the "Winter Hill Weekend" - Anglezark Amble on Saturday followed by the Winter Hill race on Sunday. The rest of the week is going to depend on how quickly I can recover from Sunday.

Two years ago I did both and I will be trying to match the times I achieved then, 4:03:01 for the Amble (24 miles, 2900 feet) and 2:29:56 for Winter Hill (11 miles, 2700 feet). Last year I didn't do the Amble and got round Winter Hill in 2:17:45 and much as I would love to beat that I won't be disappointed if I don't. The weather looks pretty good for both days, at the moment, so let us hope it stays that way.

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