Thursday, 28 February 2008

Friday 29th February 2008

Last Week
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Back to obssessively checking weather forecasts for the weekend and although I have seen better it doesn't look bad enough to have to stay indoors - I don't think even if it was, I would. The novelty of 'resting' has worn off and I hope the three weeks (less a day) will be sufficient for complete recovery. The calf feels fine and I'll start to find out on Saturday if it really is with something short and gentle. If all goes well, something a little harder on Sunday and then a gentle week. No mileage targets just a "go with the flow" week, a "glad to get out even in the rain" week and if all goes well, back to something more serious the following week.

I spent too much time playing with computers this week but much of it was stuff that would have to be done sometime and it is done and out of the way now. On-line Jazz radio is pretty good and perhaps it is going spell the end of Digital Broadcasting which, not helped by high hardware prices, hasn't captured the imagination, even of those who can receive it. I have been enjoying Jazz 90.1 as well as the excellent Jazz88 FM and you just can't beat NY rush-hour traffic reports - if you thought the M60 was bad you should try these on a bad Monday morning.

Can't wait for Saturday's run.


Mark Smith said...

Enjoying another one of your blogs and have linked to it from mine - hope you don't mind.

YOu were kind enough to comment on my BGR blog last year and provided some reassurance not long before the round regarding my prep - all these things help!

I';ve started a new blog in a run up to the Paddy B in August and do find them useful. Clearly you do too.

Keep writing and i'll keep enjoying reading!


F S Shuffler said...

Thanks Mark

I have added your PB Blog

I'll start reading it regularly