Friday, 22 February 2008

Friday 22 February 2008

Last Week
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Now the rain has returned my calf feels as good as new, well very nearly. I struggle to find any tightness in it when I stretch it and all the tenderness that was there when it is prodded has gone so I am tempted to conclude it is ready to run on. Another week's rest will only do it good and so I am beginning to look forward to next weekend - talk about wishing your life away!
I have been able to avoid gaining weight much to my surprise - perhaps it is the stress!

We missed the LDWA "Beacon Bash" last weekend. Not a favourite event despite being well organised and supported but it is a tricky, picky route that requires a deal of concentration all the way round. Pauline decided her route finding skills were probably not up to the challenge and parts of it have overwhelmed my own route finding skills on occassion (there are a couple of sections I suspect we have followed a different route each time we have done it and on one, less than glorious outing, we would almost certainly have been quicker walking and getting lost less) so perhaps it wasn't a bad decision.

It has been an interesting week, in some ways. I found a small piece of software that allowed me to catalogue all our books really easily. You enter the IBSN number and it fetches all the details from Amazon (author, title, etc) and all you have to do is confirm they are correct (or edit them if they are not) and it saves them. A little bit of work and I downloaded the list to my Psion (an MX5 that must be about 8 years old - a vintage computer and apart from not having a colour screen it is still better than all other handhelds because it has a proper keyboard) so that I can take it to bookshops and check whether I already have a copy of the obscure mountaineering books I delight in.

The last few days, in particular, have been strange as I haven't been obsessively checking weather forecasts for the weekend trying to decide whether a Lakes recce would be worthwhile. I hope those of you who enjoy the outdoors have thoroughly enjoyed the recent good weather - what a fantastic break in winter training the sunshine provides.

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