Friday, 1 February 2008

Friday 1st February - Thats Lyth

George at "Thats Lyth" CP3 and his first daffodil of 2008

Last Week

71 Miles, 7181 feet, 11:17:15 - all run

First hard weekend of the year. 20 miles Sauturday morning, 4 on my own through Horwich before dawn and 16 with Denis over Winter Hill followed by 21 on Sunday on Thats Lyth. The strong wind on Saturday made half the route very hard work but is has dried much of the ground, more than seemed possible a week ago. 21 miles is an odd distance for Thats Lyth but I marshal at CP1 and then run the rest of the route and since Pauline was marshalling at CP3 I ran back to there from the end - the climb up out of Kendal to Scout Scar wasn't as bad as I feared although probably slower than I would have liked. The 16 or so miles form CP1 to Kendal I managed just a little quicker than two years ago when I last did this which I am pleased with. On Monday and Wednesday I did a bit less than usual to keep the miles sensible for the week, for this time of year. A good session at the track and a particularly intense Hill Session last night completed the week.

Next Week
An easier week, not least because the following weekend will be a hard weekend on Winter Hill. We are walking with the Rucksack Club tomorrow and then before an LDWA Xmas Lunch on Sunday I'll get some running miles in Kentmere although precisely where is going to depend on the weather. Having used fairly flat routes on Mondays and Wednesdays until now I'll include Foxholes Road & New Chapel to increase the climbing a bit.

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