Friday, 15 February 2008

Friday 15th February 2008

Winter Hill Fell Race

No miles since last Saturday's Amble apart from a very gentle stroll up to Rivington Pike on Sunday morning to watch Rob Hope win the Winter Hill fell race. The prospect of a Saurday and Sunday without either running or walking is pretty daunting and I daren't even think about next week and another weekend the same, especially when the weather is so good. I just keep telling myself to retain some sort of perspective - if all goes as it should, it is only another 2 weeks!

Things I have been 'thinking about doing' for a while have actually been done this week. I found a copy of AH Griffin's "Inside The Real Lakeland" which I had forgotten we had and it is a real delight to re-read it. I wonder what lurks forgotten in the depths of the garage? Perhaps I'll have a look tomorrow when Pauline is out enjoying the sunshine, running on Winter Hill.

The most poignent moment of the week was putting away my kit after the Anglezark Amble when the realisation struck that not only would I not need any of it for Sunday, I wouldn't need any of it for another 2-3 weeks. It took a few seconds to come to terms with this new paradigm and a few minutes longer to appreciate I needed to think
somewhat differently about the next few weeks - the plans to shift weekend training to the Lakes aren't going to happen as intended, just yet.

Almost a week later and this week hasn't been too bad except my "never very good sleeping" pattern is disrupted (check the posting time for this, for instance). Pauline even observed last night that I looked very tired, "worse than you do on 70 miles a week". I keep thing that tonight's sleep will be better - well, perhaps tonight's will be.

Anyway, my calf seems to be improving. Some massages, some stretching and lots of rest have got it to the stage where I am only just aware of a slight tightness sometimes. Even that eases after a little walking so I am aware of an improvement and it feels better than it did this time last week which means that resting it is working.

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