Monday, 11 February 2008

Anglezark Amble and a torn calf muscle

Last Week
24 miles, 2900 feet, 04:02:25

Glorious conditions even if a little soft underfoot in places. Lying 3rd on the way to Darwen Tower and the long drag up Cadshaw Valley proved too much for my right calf and it tightened ominously again. By the Tower it had eased and the ground improved and the gradient eased and so I decided, perhaps unwisely, to continue. Just missing a sub-four hour time but faster than 2005 I finished in 4:02:25. After finishing I began to realise how much worse things might have been - my calf shows no signs of swelling or bleeding and by the next morning after a massage was much improved. Slightly worse than a week ago but still causing no more than slight discomfort.

This time however I am aware that without a complete recovery it could become more serious vey easily so complete rest for two weeks which should be enough time for it to recover and tehn one more week, just in case. I can afford to lose three weeks now but if returning too early extended the recovery period to five or six weeks that would be a different matter.

The really good performance was Pauline's. First attempt at running the Amble and finishing in 04:54, faster than my 2004 time.. Chuffed to bits she is, and rightly so.

Next Week

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