Friday, 25 January 2008

Friday 25th January

Last Week
61 miles, 6003 feet, 10:02:43 - all run

61 miles again but not all in the dark and some over Winter Hill which is as wet and soft underfoot as I can remember. The rain of the last weeks has caused severe and probably permanent erosion on a number of paths and tracks - "The Ramp" has been particularly badly damaged towards the top. The plan to go for a recce of the North Western Fells was abandoned because the forecast suggested the cloud base would be as low as 100M.
The Thursday Hill Session must have been harder than I allowed for because Saturday, even after a rest day, was something of a struggle - perhaps I need a recovery run on Friday mornings? I didn't quite miss Saturday's rain so, not least because it was Pauline's birthday last Sunday, we had a, relatively easy, day and I had a shuffle along the Leeds-Liverpool canal in the afternoon, after the rain had cleared through.

Next Week
First hard weekend of the month with a run on Saturday over Winter Hill with Denis followed by (almost all) of the LDWA "Thats Lyth" on Sunday. After helping out at the start I should be able to have a run round about 20 miles of the route. Monday's run will give me an idea of what might be achievable during the rest of the week. If the weather holds I'll try to get some photos on Sunday.

Support Teams
I am fortunate to have had offers of help already and I'll start get more organised of the next few weeks so thanks to those who have already offered (or agreed) and I'll be in touch again shortly.

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