Friday, 18 January 2008

Friday 18th January

Last Week
61 miles; 2900 feet; 09:15:04 - all run

61 miles all in the dark, all on the road and almost every single one in the rain but it is 'character building', I suppose. Monday night was so bad I cut the sesion short and got out early on Tuesday morning to finish it. This is as bad a week for weather as I can remember but then the bad ones always seem like that. Apart from exceeding my 58 mile target when we were in Glasgow for the weekend (without a 20 mile run on Saturday) the other highlight is last night's hill session where I reduced my time for the last rep on the 0.65 mile Chorley Rd session to 05:02 from a previous best of 05:05 on January 3rd - maybe that sub 5 minutes isn't so far away after all.

Next Week
Running in daylight for the first time for a fortnight - back to Winter Hill on Saturday and if the weather holds we will go and have a look at the first leg over the North Western Fells on Sunday. Metcheck isn't looking good at the moment and there is little point going if the clag is down. If it stays as it is we may go back to Winter Hill again on Sunday - after all, we didn't go last week at all.

Nearly done and should be ready to publish next week.

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Matt said...

Hi Ian,

I think walked miles shoud be included in your training total - as you do now, everyone is aware of the high percentage of walking on the BG, its part of the round.