Friday, 11 January 2008

Friday 11 January

Last Week

Run - 59 miles; 2299 feet; 08:43:32 time

Walked - 21; 4851 ; 08:01:50

Totals - 80 ; 7150 ; 16:45:23

The pictures are taken from the start of the climb up Bleaklow looking back down the track towards Black Hill that we had just crossed. The two figures are Paul Murray and daughter Ros (on the second leg of a 'double crossing'.

Marsden-Edale with the Rucksack Club was a good day over soft ground that just sucks the energy from your legs. The fierce wind over Black Hill dropped as we climbed Bleaklow and the rest of the day was very enjoyable. Didn’t quite manage a 20 mile day on Sunday but with 18.5 miles over two sessions I was well set to achieve my 55-60 mile weekly target.

One comment on last week’s post suggested ‘miles walked’, if it was a long session with significant climbing should be included as training miles while others I spoke to over the weekend suggested ‘time on your feet’ was more significant than either miles or feet. None of the three take into account the intensity of either a track or a hills session and so I am still not sure of the best way to account for ‘miles walked’. Having walked on Saturday and run on Sunday rather than the other way round I know that simply ignoring them isn’t right!

Next Week

We are off to Glasgow to celebrate my father’s 82 birthday so I’ll have to try to squeeze in road miles on early on Saturday, Sunday and perhaps Monday morning to be sure of having 20 miles done before Monday night’s session. This should be an easier week because it won’t be possible to get a lot of climbing done but there is plenty of time for that.


I will start work on my schedule next week and hope to have it done in a couple of week’s time. I have the actual times taken by both Paul Murray and George Brass and although I still have to have a close look at Paul’s time George’s initial pace is quite intimidating.

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