Friday, 25 January 2008

Friday 25th January

Last Week
61 miles, 6003 feet, 10:02:43 - all run

61 miles again but not all in the dark and some over Winter Hill which is as wet and soft underfoot as I can remember. The rain of the last weeks has caused severe and probably permanent erosion on a number of paths and tracks - "The Ramp" has been particularly badly damaged towards the top. The plan to go for a recce of the North Western Fells was abandoned because the forecast suggested the cloud base would be as low as 100M.
The Thursday Hill Session must have been harder than I allowed for because Saturday, even after a rest day, was something of a struggle - perhaps I need a recovery run on Friday mornings? I didn't quite miss Saturday's rain so, not least because it was Pauline's birthday last Sunday, we had a, relatively easy, day and I had a shuffle along the Leeds-Liverpool canal in the afternoon, after the rain had cleared through.

Next Week
First hard weekend of the month with a run on Saturday over Winter Hill with Denis followed by (almost all) of the LDWA "Thats Lyth" on Sunday. After helping out at the start I should be able to have a run round about 20 miles of the route. Monday's run will give me an idea of what might be achievable during the rest of the week. If the weather holds I'll try to get some photos on Sunday.

Support Teams
I am fortunate to have had offers of help already and I'll start get more organised of the next few weeks so thanks to those who have already offered (or agreed) and I'll be in touch again shortly.

Thursday, 24 January 2008

Schedule for Midnight Friday 20th June

Fell Name Miles Feet Time spilts leg
Moot Hall, Keswick 0.0 0 00:00

Causey Pike 4.7 1,950 01:05 01:05
Scar Crags 5.5 2,220 01:15 00:10
Sail 6.2 2,720 01:29 00:14
Eel Crags 6.6 3,040 01:38 00:09
Grasmoor 7.8 3,490 02:00 00:22
Wandope 8.9 3,660 02:18 00:18
Whiteless Pike 9.0 3,790 02:28 00:10
Robinson 12.1 5,490 03:19 00:51
Hindscarth 13.6 5,990 03:37 00:18
Dale Head 14.8 6,320 03:53 00:16
Honister - Arr 16.0 6,320 04:04 00:11 04:04
Honister - Dep 16.0 6,320 04:10 00:06
Grey Knotts 16.9 7,440 04:35 00:25
Brandreth 17.5 7,550 04:42 00:07
Green Gable 18.2 8,030 05:00 00:18
Great Gable 18.8 8,520 05:12 00:12
Kirk Fell 20.2 9,180 05:47 00:35
Looking Stead 21.5 9,460 06:05 00:18
Pillar 22.8 10,400 06:39 00:34
Scoat Fell 23.9 10,740 06:59 00:20
Steeple 24.2 10,810 07:04 00:05
Red Pike (Wasdale) 25.2 11,130 07:21 00:17
Yewbarrow 27.1 11,730 07:53 00:32
Wasdale - Arr 28.1 11,730 08:14 00:21 04:10
Wasdale - Dep 28.1 11,730 08:20 00:06
Scafell 30.4 14,680 09:33 01:13
Scafell Pike 31.3 15,200 10:15 00:42
Broad Crag 31.7 15,350 10:25 00:10
Ill Crag 32.1 15,520 10:33 00:08
Great End 32.9 15,670 10:46 00:13
Allen Crags 33.9 15,870 11:01 00:15
Esk Pike 34.8 16,400 11:21 00:20
Bowfell 35.9 16,820 11:41 00:20
Rossett Pike 37.1 16,950 12:01 00:20
Pike O'Stickle 39.5 17,940 12:51 00:50
Loft Crag 39.8 18,040 12:56 00:05
Harrison Stickle 40.2 18,410 13:06 00:10
Pavey Ark 40.9 18,510 13:21 00:15
Thunacar Knott 41.1 18,620 13:28 00:07
Sargeant Man 42.1 18,820 13:40 00:12
High Raise (Central Fells) 42.7 18,960 13:52 00:12
Calf Crag 44.2 19,120 14:13 00:21
Steel Fell 45.7 19,470 14:35 00:22
Dunmail Raise - Arr 46.4 19,470 14:47 00:12 06:33
Dunmail Raise - Dep 46.4 19,470 14:53 00:06
Seat Sandal 47.7 21,140 15:31 00:38
Fairfield 48.8 22,090 16:02 00:31
Dollywagon Pike 50.3 23,140 16:46 00:44
Nethermost Pike 51.2 23,410 17:04 00:18
Helvellyn 51.9 23,690 17:14 00:10
Helvellyn Lower Man 52.4 23,750 17:20 00:06
White Side 53.3 23,970 17:33 00:13
Raise 54.0 24,220 17:43 00:10
Stybarrow Dodd 55.2 24,540 18:00 00:17
Watsons Dodd 55.9 24,590 18:08 00:08
Great Dodd 56.8 24,840 18:22 00:14
Clough Head 58.7 25,140 18:49 00:27
Threkeld - Arr 61.3 25,140 19:26 00:37 04:39
Threkeld - Dep 61.3 25,140 19:32 00:06
Blencathra 62.8 27,570 20:32 01:00
Great Calva 66.4 28,630 21:39 01:07
Skiddaw 69.1 30,180 22:49 01:10
Skiddaw Little Man 70.2 30,370 23:04 00:15
Moot Hall, Keswick 74.1 30,370 23:49 00:45 04:23

Based on Paul Murray's and coincidently is also a 23:49 schedule adjusted to be slightly slower initially (in the dark) and slightly faster over the last two legs when I can only hope my own two legs will still be holding up.

Friday, 18 January 2008

Friday 18th January

Last Week
61 miles; 2900 feet; 09:15:04 - all run

61 miles all in the dark, all on the road and almost every single one in the rain but it is 'character building', I suppose. Monday night was so bad I cut the sesion short and got out early on Tuesday morning to finish it. This is as bad a week for weather as I can remember but then the bad ones always seem like that. Apart from exceeding my 58 mile target when we were in Glasgow for the weekend (without a 20 mile run on Saturday) the other highlight is last night's hill session where I reduced my time for the last rep on the 0.65 mile Chorley Rd session to 05:02 from a previous best of 05:05 on January 3rd - maybe that sub 5 minutes isn't so far away after all.

Next Week
Running in daylight for the first time for a fortnight - back to Winter Hill on Saturday and if the weather holds we will go and have a look at the first leg over the North Western Fells on Sunday. Metcheck isn't looking good at the moment and there is little point going if the clag is down. If it stays as it is we may go back to Winter Hill again on Sunday - after all, we didn't go last week at all.

Nearly done and should be ready to publish next week.

Friday, 11 January 2008

Friday 11 January

Last Week

Run - 59 miles; 2299 feet; 08:43:32 time

Walked - 21; 4851 ; 08:01:50

Totals - 80 ; 7150 ; 16:45:23

The pictures are taken from the start of the climb up Bleaklow looking back down the track towards Black Hill that we had just crossed. The two figures are Paul Murray and daughter Ros (on the second leg of a 'double crossing'.

Marsden-Edale with the Rucksack Club was a good day over soft ground that just sucks the energy from your legs. The fierce wind over Black Hill dropped as we climbed Bleaklow and the rest of the day was very enjoyable. Didn’t quite manage a 20 mile day on Sunday but with 18.5 miles over two sessions I was well set to achieve my 55-60 mile weekly target.

One comment on last week’s post suggested ‘miles walked’, if it was a long session with significant climbing should be included as training miles while others I spoke to over the weekend suggested ‘time on your feet’ was more significant than either miles or feet. None of the three take into account the intensity of either a track or a hills session and so I am still not sure of the best way to account for ‘miles walked’. Having walked on Saturday and run on Sunday rather than the other way round I know that simply ignoring them isn’t right!

Next Week

We are off to Glasgow to celebrate my father’s 82 birthday so I’ll have to try to squeeze in road miles on early on Saturday, Sunday and perhaps Monday morning to be sure of having 20 miles done before Monday night’s session. This should be an easier week because it won’t be possible to get a lot of climbing done but there is plenty of time for that.


I will start work on my schedule next week and hope to have it done in a couple of week’s time. I have the actual times taken by both Paul Murray and George Brass and although I still have to have a close look at Paul’s time George’s initial pace is quite intimidating.

Friday, 4 January 2008

Friday 4th January

Last Week: 42.5 miles 3157 feet (plus another 20 miles and 6045 feet walked)

A short week because of a few days walking in the Lakes between Christmas and New Year but with a total of about 9000 feet of climbing it hasn't been a bad one. As before, I am not completely sure about including walking miles/feet and I am interested in your thoughts. I still think excluding walking miles is right and including the climbing not least when it is in the Lakes where I would have walked anyway (had I been out of a run) and it usually involves carrying more weight. Let me know what you think.

Last night's hill session was encouraging, albeit at the end of a short week, because I managed a PB on the last rep of the session. 0.65 mile uphill in 5:05 - my previous best was 5:08 and a year ago 5:10 - 5:12 was more likely. The target now has to be to get under 5 minutes without 'resting' on the previous reps.

Next Week:

On Saturday we will join members of The Rucksack Club (as guests) on their first meet of the year, the annual Marston-Edale walk. Sunday will have to be my long run and unusually it won't follow a rest day so that should be interesting. Club training will be back to normal and I intend to continue with track and hill sessions because it is not enough to only do long slow runs.

Date of Attempt - 21 June 2008

The 21st June is the first Saturday after I qualify for a 55 summit round - it is hard to explain why, as you get older, the number of summits increases but that is fell running, I guess.

I have still to finalise my schedule but thanks to Paul Murray I have a copy of his schedule and his actual times as well as a copy of George Brass's actual times. These need a bit of adjusting, particularly because had George Brass been able to avoid blisters and other foot problems his time would have been much fastrer and his early legs actuals are pretty quick.

I need to sort the schedule out fairly soon and start putting together support teams although I am already receiving offers of assistance which I really appreciate so thanks to all who have offerred so far.

Tuesday, 1 January 2008

Festive Season "Winter Hill Double"

Happy New Year to one and all.

In keeping with our Christmas 'Tradition' (which means we have done it more than once) we had a short run up Winter Hill on Christmas Day - not early like others I know - but when the Turkey was doing gently and the sprouts weren't yet on parade. This gap in the cooking used to filled, rather pleasantly, by strolling to the pub at the end of road and, curiously, the last time we did this in 2003 we saw a family from just along the road going out for a run. Pauline must have been inspired because the following year she insisted we should go for a run. Ironically as we were setting off we saw the same family from along the road, going to the pub!
We were just a little early for the weather as the clag was just beginning to clear as we reached the summit - the blue sky is just appearing from the north east, beyond the trig point.

We have just had a few days in Keswick where the weather was poor - wet, clagged in and very windy on the high fells. We had a look at the back o'Skiddaw where the posts with 'high vis' tape have been removed which is an improvement although I would concede that I was happy when they were there in 2006. Skiddaw Little Man should be easy to find in the dark although it has a more of a climb than I remembered but it is better to know that now than find out on the day. We probably got less done than we would have liked but it meant we 'ticked' a few more Outlying Fells.

Home for Hogmanay for the first time for many years and in the end we decided the new year would arrive with or without us so we didn't wait up for it. One consequence of which was a bright early start to Ne'erday and a run up Winter Hill from home before most of Horwich was out of bed for a Festive Season Double - Winter Hill on both Christmas and New Year's Day.

This will be a short week having been walking, rather than running, over the weekend but I should still manage a bit over 40 miles and start posting here on Fridays at the end of each training week.