Monday, 24 December 2007

Winter Training

Winter training is now an established routine and with a couple of consecutive 60 mile weeks and three Saturday & Sunday weekends I am happy it will be easy to re-establish after Christmas.

Most of the last three weekends have been spent on the Winter Hill massif (seen left in yesterday's winter sunshine - here is hoping it is as benign at the Shooting Hut on Feb 11th) in contrasting weather. Saturday's frost and icy winds turned Winter Hill into tundra until the raiin arrived. Two weeks ago we ran in a blizzard to Great Hill while last week it was bright and sunny but with a wind so bitter it could have come from Holt's brewery. 50-60 mile weeks should be sufficient until the clocks change when another 10-15 miles can, more easily, be added. The most significant progression in training will be with the amount of climbing and descending. Currently, I am doing between 4000 and 5000 feet per week and that needs to, at least, double by May. Most of the increase will come from running in the Lakes reccing the route and the rest from different training routes in and around Horwich and Winter Hill.

The other part of 'Winter Training' involves dates, schedules, support teams and all the other logistics that need to be handled and, as before, details will appear here as things firm up.

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