Friday, 14 December 2007

What do you do after a Bob Graham Round?

That was one of the few questions to which I was able to obtain an entirely satisfactory answer in 2006. Most people, I suppose, revert to being 'normal fell runners' while others see a BG as, merely, a stepping stone to other things - a "Ramsay Round", a "Paddy Buckley", a winter attempt at any of these or any one of a number of long distance challenges that exist, particularly in Scotland. For my own part, I was especially interested in what others had done on the following year because I was going to have a huge void that BG training had occupied but more significantly I knew I was going to need a new source of motivation.

In the immediate aftermath I had 4 rest days and started running again and two weeks later was back to 60 mile weeks, albeit not with the same amount of climbing. Part of the reason was because I had agreed to run the Langdale Marathon with my wife Pauline in September. We have three nephews who are have been singularly unimpressed with our running efforts. A typical conversation would go "What is the longest race you have done and how long did take you?" The Old County Tops is 37 miles over Scafell Pike and it took about 11 hours which only prompted the response "Whew, that is a long way but it is not a Marathon, is it?" So to be 'proper runners' we had to get the t-shirt and on September 24th we did.

Still without an entirely satisfactory answer I began to realise that, like some many other answers, only a personal answer would do and so I started looking back through previous years' races and decided The Lakeland Classics Series would provide sufficient motivation for 2007 as well as providing another Grand Tour of the Lakeland Fells. A Grand Tour it is and one worth doing more than once, not just the Trophy which only requires 3 of the six races to be completed but the Series which requires all 6 to be completed. Even if you aren't looking for a challenge to ward off post-BGR blues I can highly recommend the Lakeland Classics.

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